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Kristen Kish does it all. She was Top Chef’s Season 10 winner, a host of the Travel Channel show “36 hours”, she recently went on tour for her first cookbook — Kristen Kish Cooking — and just launched her first restaurant, Arlo Gray, in Austin Texas. Arlo Gray is known for its playful, yet refined cuisine, with inspiration from a French and Italian cooking background paired with the nostalgia of dishes from Kristen’s upbringing and her travel. It’s no surprise then, that her music taste is as varied as her passions and cooking style. See for yourself with Kristen’s Kerrygold dishes and playlists and get transported to different tastes and places.

View Kristen’s recipes and custom cooking playlists below.

Make it a moment with music.
Make it richer with Kerrygold.

Inspiration while cooking can come from anywhere. And music, like Kerrygold’s cheese and butter, is key to inspiring richer dishes and moments. So we’ve brought these two worlds together by pairing recipes + playlists. Get cooking now with Kerrygold’s Music Behind the Recipes to make a meal that sounds as good as it tastes. FIND OUT MORE