A Pie Potluck

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Kate McDermott is the creator and founder of Art of the Pie™ Workshops and Pie Camp. Since 2006 she has taught the time-honored craft of pie-making to thousands. One of the most highly sought-after culinary instructors in the North America, Kate is widely acknowledged as one of the best makers of pie ever. Named “Food Rock Star” by Seattle Magazine, Kate has received high praise from Ruth Reichl (former editor of “Gourmet”), Dorie Greenspan, Elise Bauer (SimplyRecipes.com) and many others and has given her pie-making workshops to thousands across North America and in Europe. In 2008, her pie was featured in “Saveur” Magazine’s Top 100 Issue and appeared on the cover. She has been written about in numerous books, magazines & blogs by award-winning authors. Always friendly, fun, and down-to-earth, Kate, a practitioner of kindness, aspires to pass on the craft of pie-making to as many as she can.

A Pie Potluck


A Pie Potluck

At last, it’s summer time! Rhubarb is still coming on and strawberries make for a perfect pie pairing. The fruit year continues with cherries, berries, nectarines and peaches. What a bounty this season has to offer! To celebrate all its sweet treasures we had a Homemade Pie Potluck Party!
It’s easy to do.

Three Weeks Ahead
Send out an invitation to friends who love to make, share and eat pie, and ask if they would like to join you for a Pie Potluck.

“Is there ever such a thing as too much pie? Bring a homemade pie to share and let’s find out!”

In the RSVPs ask if your guests will be bringing a savory or sweet creation. For those who don’t bake, suggest bringing ice cream, lemonade, a sparkling wine or even a salad to add to the table. Now sit back and wait for the replies to arrive in your Inbox.

One Week Out
Send out an email reminder for last minute RSVPs.
If you need an extra table, make arrangements or two saw-horses with an old door on top will work, too.
Decide what pies you will be making.

Two Days To Go
Make sure you have enough pie servers, plates, napkins, forks, glasses and pitchers for lemonade and ice water.
Check the weather report. Will this party be inside or out?
Make ahead your own dough so it will be ready to roll. Did you know that pie dough will hold in the refrigerator for a few days and that you can freeze it for up to one month too?

The Day Before
Make and bake your pies so they are ready for party time!
Make sure you have extra room in the freezer for ice cream or an ice chest with a bag of ice to keep things cool.

It’s Pie Day
Cover your pie table with a pretty cloth and add some seasonal flowers. Presentation is everything, yes?
Set out plates, forks, napkins, glasses and pie servers.
Have some paper and pens available on which your guests can write what pie they have brought and who made it.
Place your pies on the table.
Turn on some music, take off your apron and wait for the first arrival!

Everyone oooo’d and ahhh’d over the pretty pies that covered our table. Triple berry, classic lemon meringue, avocado, savory pasties, cheesecake—-we had lots of variety for sure.

And, on the off chance that there might be a few pieces left, we had some extra foil on hand so guests could take home a sweet treat.

Here’s a delicious and flakey crust made with Kerrygold Irish Butter that always gets rave reviews.

A Pie Potluck (1)

Kate's Flakey Buttery Pie Dough
Serves:  Makes one double-crust or two single-crust 9" pies
  • 2-1/2 cups all purpose flour
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 16 tablespoons Kerrygold Irish Salted Butter orUnsalted Butter
  • 8-10 tablespoons of ice water (more if needed)

Put all ingredients but the ice water in a large bowl.

With clean hands or a pastry blender, blend the mixture together until it looks like cracker crumbs, with some lumps the size of peas and almonds in it. Use a light touch and don’t over work the dough. Those lumps make flakey pie crusts.

Sprinkle ice water over the mixture and stir lightly with a fork.

Squeeze a handful of dough together to see if it comes together. If not, mix in a bit more water. 

Divide the dough in half and make two chubby disks about 5 inches across.

Wrap the disks separately in plastic wrap and chill for an hour. Doughs can also be made ahead and frozen for up to one month.


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